Teacher training

Many science teachers in Uganda report that even when they have access to some equipment, they do not feel confident teaching practical lessons. Often this is because they have never carried out the practicals themselves, and so the cycle of poor education continues.

TASTE does not want to undermine local science teachers, so we do not simply take over lessons. Instead, we hold regular training sessions for the teachers within Lwengo District, to demonstrate all the practicals that we will teach at their schools. For a number of teachers this is their first opportunity to use even basic equipment such as stopwatches.

Individual teachers can then decide whether they would prefer to lead lessons or take a supporting role. TASTE staff offer support throughout the lessons, either teaching the whole class or working with small groups of students as needed. Ultimately we hope to empower the teachers to lead practical lessons independently.

To maximise the use of our facilities throughout the year, we also provide training during school holidays to teachers from beyond Lwengo District. We introduce them to experiments and demonstrations which require minimal resources, but nevertheless help to bring a particular subject to life.

(Photo by Katie Thompson)