The secondary schools of Lwengo district

TASTE staff talk to students while visiting a school

Establishing this project has involved collecting a considerable amount of information about the schools of Lwengo district. We want to make this available to any organisations or individuals who might find it useful, and that is the purpose of this page. It lists the schools of the district, where they are and how many pupils they have. For each of these schools we also have contact details and an assessment of lab facilities. If you are interested in this information, please contact us, as we do not have permission to make it publicly available but are very happy to share it on a case by case basis.

The data on this page was collected in 2011 or 2012; please contact us if you feel there is a school we have missed. The map below shows schools for which we have exact GPS coordinates, for others approximate locations are given in the table. Many of the roads shown on the map were mapped by TASTE during our initial research.

Table of schools

School Status Town Location relative to town Number of students
BF Katovu Community School Private Katovu NW 40
Mulongo Baptist High School Private Katovu NE Approx. 95
Kaikolongo Government Katovu NE (GPS) 684
2 streams for S1 and S2
1 stream in S3 and S4
Alliance High School Private Kyazanga N 45
Badru Kakungulu Private Kyazanga Just N of Road 200
Kyazanga Modern Private with government support through USE Kyazanga W (GPS) 230
Excel College Private Kyazanga S 100
Nakateete SS Government Kyazanga NE S1 – 150
S2 – 136
S3 – 128
S4 – 110
2 streams in all years
St Anthony’s Kyazanga SS Private with government support through USE Kyazanga Far E S1 – 93
S2 – 95
S3 – 67
S4 – 50
(281 government sponsored)
Hope Integrated Academy Private (Charity supported) Kyetume E (GPS) Appr. 150
Mbiriizi Modern Private Mbiriizi SW 435
Perry Hill Private Mbiriizi SW (GPS) 100
Mbiriizi High Private with government support through USE Mbiriizi W on main road (GPS) S1 – 86
S2 – 138
S3 – 70
S4 – 64
St Joseph’s Private with government support through USE Mbiriizi N Over 400 in S1 to 6
Nakyenyi Government Mbiriizi 4 km S 735 in S1 to 6
Mayira HS Private with government support through USE Mbiriizi 5 km N (GPS) 60 S1
Only 7 in S4 as school is 3 years old
120 total
Ndeeba Mixed SS Private Ndeeba Out of Mbiriizi to SW 65
Ndagwe Government Ndagwe As above, 26k from Mbiriizi( 617 S1-4
St James Private Near Ndagwe (GPS) 150 students
Kinoni Town Academy Private Kinoni N of road 140
Sseke Senior Sec Government Kinoni S S1 198
S2 186
S3 174
S4 187
Kinoni Integrated SS Private with government support through USE Kinoni N just before a garage 600
St Joseph’s Nkoni Private (church run) Nkoni S of road 300
St Clement’s Nkoni Government Nkoni Further S 650 (80-85 per class)
Sure House Private Kiwangala (GPS) 150 (contradictory reports)
Good Samaritan Kiwangala (GPS) 120 S1
55 S4
450 total
St. Paul’s Kyanukuzi Government Kyanukuzi (GPS) 500 total
40 S4
120 S3
St James Kalugulu Private Near Kiwangala 61 S1
54 S2
36 S3
25 S4
St Bernard’s Kiswera Private Kiswera (GPS) 272 in 3 streams for S1
136 in 2 streams for S2
135 in 2 streams for S3
78 in 1 stream for S4
St Raphael Private Near main road, near Kiswera (GPS) 16 S1 (new school)
Bright Stars Ddegeya Private Kiseka (GPS) 80 students (contradictory reports)
Musubiro Parents Private N of Mbiriizi 91
St Henry’s HS Kaboyo Private Kaboyo E of Nkoni, just N of main road (GPS) 215 S1-4
Kaswa High School Private Kkingo 180 S1-S4
St Edwards Kkingo Private Kkingo 300 S1-4


We currently have GPS locations for around half of these schools. They are shown below on Google Maps and Mapbox Open Streetmap at the top of the page. We are contributing the routes to the schools, some of which are absent from Google Maps, to OpenStreetMap.

Google map

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