What could your donation buy?

Follow the #TASTEitemoftheweek hashtag on twitter for weekly updates about what your donation could fund!

Here are some examples:

£3 buys a roll of magnesium to burn, demonstrating that chemistry is exciting!

£10 will allow one student to carry out regular experiments for a year (or £40 will pay for a student to carry out regular experiments throughout secondary school)

£16 buys batteries for all our Senior 2 classes to learn about electrical circuits

£30 fuels the van for one week

£50 pays for a day of mock exams for S4 students

£150 pays for a three-day training course for 20 teachers from our target schools

If you would like to make a larger donation, please get in touch to discuss becoming a named sponsor of a part of our work. For example, you could sponsor one of our lessons (£600-£1200), one of our schools (£1000-£5000), or even an entire subject (£8000)!

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